E-juice: the Fuel to our Cloud

vapor cloud

When it comes to E-juice, there are thousands of different kinds floating around out there, so it’s very difficult to choose which one is right for you. Thankfully, E-juice can be inexpensive, and there are plenty of places to go to try them, but if you’re an online buyer, it’s hard to know where to start. A few things have to be kept in mind when choosing.

Picking a flavor

The amount of flavors available can be quite overwhelming. Some come right out and say what they taste like, and sometimes it’s just a surprise. When it comes to picking the right flavor, ask yourself a few questions. If it were food, would you eat it? If the answer is no, it’s highly likely you won’t like the flavor. Also, would you get tired of it quickly? There are many times where I have picked up a flavor and loved it, but later that day I realized it’s not quite what I wanted. Pick something you know you will like the taste of, and can see yourself vaping for a while. When ordering juice, it’s safest to go with a few flavors you know you may like, and one that seems different to you, sometimes the oddest flavors can become your favorites.

Qualities of the Juice

When picking a juice, it’s good to look at the color if possible. Darker colored juices often degrade a coil faster, creating unpleasant tastes, but if you’re using a dripper or a sub tank, it may be a good choice. Also, figure out the VG PG content. VG refers to vegetable glycerin, and PG is propylene glycol. Higher VG juices are the best for vaporizers that create lots of vapor, as the juice is much thicker. PG is thinner juice best suited for the modest vaporizer. Thicker juices often have stronger flavors, so if you are unsure of which to choose, go for something in the middle. Nicotine level is another big issue when it comes to choosing juice. Ex-smokers often tend to go towards the higher nicotine levels to get a similar throat hit. Sub tanks and drippers create a lot more vapor, and need a much lower nicotine level to get a throat hit. Where a smoker might choose 18mg of nicotine in a regular single coil vaporizer, he would likely choose 6mg for a dripper. It all depends on what you like, nothing is wrong here!

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